Thick Film Materials

Thick Film technology has a long-established reputation of dependable quality and high reliability for circuitry and components. Applications for Thick Film materials have expanded dramatically over many years from its core of hybrid circuits and now comprise pastes for passive components as well as inks for low temperature printed electronics among many other specialty applications. A primary driver for this growth over a variety of markets is their proven value. They are used for automotive, industrial, and military applications with demanding, harsh conditions as well as the consumer electronics industry with its increasingly squeezed form factors and performance requirements.

Heraeus’ products cover the spectrum of substrates and operating temperatures from 0 – 1000 °C over a wide range of electrical and environmental requirements. As a Solutions Provider and Innovation Partner for customers and collaborators Heraeus is able to design thick film pastes for your special applications. With multiple Production facilities and Applications labs located around the globe, Heraeus is able to serve you quickly and locally.