mAgic DA295A: Low Temperature, Non-Pressure Dispensing Sinter Paste for Power Electronic Applications

mAgic DA295A sinter paste superior thermal conductivity enables power electronics to operate at elevated temperature and extends device lifetime. mAgic DA295A is a low temperature, non-pressure sintering solution designed to achieve outstanding die-attach properties for high power, high reliability applications. The improved micro-Ag formulation further widens processing window to reduce overall cost of ownership.

Power semiconductors faced a challenging issue between performance and reliability. Increased power density drives devices to operate at higher temperature which affect lifetime.

New innovative interconnect materials are required to overcome this thermal bottleneck. Formulated with patented micro-Ag technology to sinter at a low temperature of 200 ?C, mAgic DA295A creates a robust pure silver die-attach layer with high thermal dissipation compared to traditional solder and adhesive materials.

Increased complexity in semiconductor design package raises new assembly difficulties. By mirroring closely present manufacturing processes, mAgic DA295A simple processing provides flexibility. Improved workability characteristics benefit manufacturability.

mAgic DA295A superior thermal conductivity enables power devices to operate at elevated temperature and extends device lifetime. It is suitable for high power and high reliability power semiconductors (RF power amplifiers) and power discrete (power MOSFET, diodes, thyristors, etc) packages.

Key benefits of mAgic DA295A:

  • Lead-free
  • Zero halogen
  • Stable rheology
  • Excellent dispensing performance
  • Consistent adhesion on Au surface
  • Low temperature processing (200 ?C and above)
  • Void-free
  • No cleaning required

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