Transmission Calculator

In the visual spectrum fused silica transmits light more efficiently than other optical glasses. Additionally, the transmission is not limited to the visual but extends into the UV and IR wavelength ranges. Many demanding applications or those in the UV and near IR work well with fused silica.

Though fused silica seems to be a simple material class, there are differences especially regarding transmission properties. In order to support the work of optical designers, estimating the attenuation of light as a function of wavelength for the different grades of fused silica, Heraeus has developed an online transmission calculator. We hope this tool helps you to choose the best matching material for your application. If you have any questions please contact our experts.

We hope the tool is easy to work with, never the less we have some general information:

  • Available information are: transmission, internal transmission - excluding Fresnel losses - and extinction
  • We have grouped some material grades by application wavelength (UV, VIS, IR)
  • You may zoom by click and drag anywhere on the graph
  • Moving along the graph, individual values are displayed
  • The disc icon on the top right corner of the graph opens the download dialogue.

The transmission calculator shows typical values. No specification.

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