AMLOY - Net Shape Technologies

Heraeus is the only supplier who is able to process Amorphous Metals with three different processing methods worldwide. Due to this we can find the best possible solution for your application.

In order to be able to leverage the liquid metals’ benefits, it needs to be produced in industrial scale. Heraeus owns a wide range of different production technologies, which can be combined to offer the best industrial setting for your applications. Together with you and our internal and external partners we continuously extend our product portfolio and precessing solutions.

Depending on the demands of your application we can offer the optimal production method:

Injection Molding

  • Optimal for large volume parts
  • Industrial automated production 24/7 possible
  • Option for vertical integration
  • Alternative to mechanical processing or MIM
Amorphous metal injection molding for series production

Additive Manufacturing

  • The method allows large dimensions and complex geometries, moderate strength and ductility
  • Bulk amorphous metals accessible to the mass market
  • Net shape manufacturing of high-strength components with sophisticated designs
  • Best fit for small to medium volume parts
  • Unique process capability due to powder and printing processes

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Casting & Rolling

  • Suits to small parts with best mechanical properties
  • High process reproducibility
  • Tight tolerances as required by watch industry
  • High grade surface polishing possible