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Product innovation, open innovation and corporate venturing - these are the three cornerstones of innovation at Heraeus.

In Focus: Exploring the Universe

Materials in Space

On the test: Materials in space

High-energy cosmic rays and icy temperatures of as low as minus 270 degrees Celsius: In space, materials for satellites, research equipment or space suits are exposed to stresses of a completely different nature than on Earth. We already have astonishingly resistant materials for space exploration at our disposal - made of quartz glass or amorphous metals, for example.

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The secret of ice planets

The secret of ice planets

Mankind has sent probes and robots to the moon, Mars, Venus and even asteroids. Yet we still know little about the nature of planets and stars. The next missions will lead us increasingly to icy celestial bodies such as Saturn or Jupiter's moons. To unlock the astrobiological secrets here, you need the right tools: for example 3D-printed milling heads made of amorphous metals.

Discover how amorphous metals contribute to the exploration of ice planets

Discovering Innovation

Heraeus Innovation: Podcast

Podcast: These are the advantages of Open Innovation

In this talk with PwC, Mario Hehle, Head of Corporate Innovation, and Florian Theisen, Venture Catalyst, provide insights into the advantages of open innovation for companies, how they and their team have changed innovation at Heraeus, and how they have made the Heraeus Accelerator Program a success.

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Innovation around the world

Further information about selected Heraeus InnovationCenters:

The InnovationCenter fiftyONE offers our experts and partners a place where they can network and develop innovations together

Welcome to fiftyONE - a place where people network, where new things are created, where knowledge is digitalised and where our customers are the focus of attention. A place that does not restrict. An "Open Space for Open Minds".

Heraeus Innovation: Collaboration Hub Minneapolis
Take a look at our pilot production space: quick-turn prototyping, testing and pilot production of new products and treatment innovations

Helping medical device customers accelerate the design, development and production of medical innovations

In healthcare, speed-to-market is critical. When patient lives are at stake, the medical device industry works with special urgency to get their medical innovations from the concept stage to real-world treatments.

Because the medical device industry relies heavily on strategic outsourcing partnerships, collaboration is increasingly important for medical device manufacturers to augment their internal teams and accelerate product development. Heraeus Medical Components recently opened its state-of-the-art Collaboration Hub specifically to help medical device customers and partners get their products and innovations to market faster.

Heraeus Innovation: Collaboration Hub Minneapolis
Please take a seat: The lobby of our Collaboration Hub in Minneapolis, USA

Consolidating design-development capabilities for “same-place” collaboration

The new 6,200 square-meter facility, located in the heart of “Medical Alley” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides customers and partners the opportunity to work on-site or virtually with an ecosystem of Heraeus Medical Components R&D experts, including engineers, designers, materials scientists, production specialists and other technical professionals. By bringing all these critical teams and disciplines together under one roof, collaboration can be faster and more productive.

The Collaboration Hub enables customers to utilize all the needed expertise and development technologies for quick-turn prototyping, testing and pilot production of new products and treatment innovations. The facility’s design and development capabilities include:

  • Test labs
  • Clinical simulation lab
  • Training lab
  • Machining room
  • Pilot production capabilities
Heiko Specht, EVP of Innovation for Heraeus Medical Components, sees the Collaboration Hub as a game-changing accelerator for customers and partners to cultivate new ideas, materials and technologies to develop that next breakthrough innovation or treatment. He said, “I am very proud to have all the necessary disciplines under one roof. I truly believe this approach will be a difference-maker. It will help our customers get their products from concept to the real world even faster.”

In our InnovationCenter in Shanghai, Heraeus developers simulate, design and test products and prototypes for the power electronics and semiconductor industries

The Heraeus Electronics InnovationCenter in Shanghai opened its doors in 2018.

On more than 600 square meters, Heraeus developers simulate, design and test products and prototypes for the power electronics and semiconductor industry. Heraeus works with customers at an early stage of development – this supports the development process. Customers are more successful in initial development and introduce the product to the market faster.

With about 58 machines, the Heraeus InnovationCenter has extensive testing and simulation capabilities – including a two-chamber vacuum soldering furnace, a wire bonder for aluminum-copper wires, and test stations for endurance testing and X-ray inspection.

Heraeus HET - Innovation
Heraeus HET - Innovation
Heraeus HET - Innovation
Heraeus HET - Innovatio
Heraeus HET - Innovation

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Our Corporate Innovation team is the central contact for companies, start-ups, universities and research centers interested in working with Heraeus.

Mario Hehle

Mario Hehle

Head of Corporate Innovation
Florian Theisen

Florian Theisen

Venture Catalyst - Heraeus Accelerator
Marc Teo Heraeus Innovation Asia

Marc Teo Tze Yun

Director Scouting and Venturing Asia-Pacific - Open Innovation APAC

About Innovation at Heraeus

For us, the customer is at the beginning of every innovation. With research and application centers around the world, we develop and test products together with customers on site. This enables us to make a relevant contribution to their success and competitiveness. We are convinced that joint research and development makes innovations faster and better. This is why we have extended our innovation work to external partners such as other companies, research networks and universities - and are always open to new partnerships. We offer visionaries a platform to turn their ideas into reality. We are looking for startups from various fields worldwide, operate an internal startup incubator, invest in promising ideas and invite startups to participate in our unique Advanced Materials Accelerator Program.

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