Bachelor's thesis at Heraeus? I'd happily do it again. It's a good way to get to know the company.

Fabian Oelschlegel, Master student at Heraeus New Businesses


Are you studying to become an engineer, natural scientist or economist? Are you looking to finish your studies with a final thesis based on practical experience? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Thesis at Heraeus

We are looking to recruit talented junior employees at the early stages of their career to work for Heraeus. We offer students the opportunity to prepare their final thesis with a practical orientation in our company. In doing so we offer you the opportunity to develop your own ideas and implement them in a business environment. We will work with you to determine the subject and ensure that you have plenty of scope and resources when it comes to implementing the project. The focus will be on the success of your final thesis.

Basic Parameters

When it comes to the layout of parameters of the project, we offer you freedom of choice. How you divide your time between work and school is something you will work out with your tutor against the background of existing academic requirements. In addition, you will determine the duration of your final thesis to take account of the relevant study and examination regulations.

Applying for Placements

Heraeus is a decentralized organization. So you will need to address your application direct to the appropriate local company:

  • Germany:
    Applications for positions advertised on the German website.
  • USA:
    Local Applications – See US website for how to contact the relevant people.
  • China:
    Local Applications – See China website for how to contact the relevant people.
  • Asia and Europe:
    Local Applications – See website of relevant Business Group to find out how to contact the relevant people.