Critical thinking and problem solving with my colleagues are essential aspects of pleasing the customer.

Ameya Nalavde, Sales Analyst

Marketing and Sales

You focus on the needs of the customer. You constantly seek new ways to add value to their business. Bring your “customer first” thinking to the Sales and Marketing organization at Heraeus.

At Heraeus, we do not sell technical components; instead, we help our customers solve important challenges, like:

  • Providing clean water for communities
  • Reducing the risk of serious infections in patients
  • Making energy production more efficient

Heraeus plays a vital role in helping companies and industries solve some of the most important issues of our time. Whether it is healthcare, energy, consumer electronics, telecommunications or transportation, those solutions are powered by products made by Heraeus.

Helping Companies Enhance & Transform Their Businesses

Our success is based on a simple principle: we listen to our customers, immerse ourselves in their businesses and design solutions and deliver products that meet their needs.

Our sales and marketing organization is at the forefront of that effort, building strong, collaborative partnerships with each customer. We understand their business challenges and, with an eye to the future, analyze market trends in order to identify future needs and opportunities.

A True Partnership

At Heraeus, our work never ends at the delivery of the final product or component. Our marketing specialists, research and development experts and product teams work with the customer to ensure a successful implementation and anticipate future needs.

With a sales and marketing career at Heraeus, you will not only work at a world-class company, you will have the opportunity to bring innovative products and solutions to customers and industries all around the world.

The Possibilities Are Unlimited

Business does not stand still. Our customers face constant changes and challenges. They conduct business in competitive markets. They count on Heraeus to help them address their critical needs.

If you have a passion for solving problems, Heraeus can provide the open space and an entrepreneurial environment where your fresh thinking can thrive.

If you are looking for an organization with a long history of success, a strong focus on the future and a culture that emphasizes innovation and empowerment, consider a career at Heraeus. We will provide you with the open space where your ideas and talents can flourish.