Return and Delivery Information

You have a return or would like to deliver materials for recycling, cast or provision of materials for production? Please note the following steps to make sure that your delivery gets quickly to the right person and can be processed.


Basically the delivery takes place in the following steps

  • Get in touch with your contact person.
  • Your contact sends you on short notice the correct address for your issue, the necessary documents and your transaction code (RMA).
  • You prepare the necessary delivery documents for your shipment and indicate the transaction code (RMA).
    Most times you only require a simple delivery note. But depending on the type of materials additional information or even regulatory approvals may be necessary. We will be happy to support you in this process.
  • After clarification of the terms of delivery please send us your shipment to the right address by indicating the transaction code (RMA).

You have a return or salvage for reprocessing?

The direct way to your contact person: Your delivery note

Whether you are returning the goods for reasons of quality or because you want to give salvage to recycling or reprocessing, in principle you should always get back to the contact person from whom you received the goods. You usually find the person on your delivery note, which you received with your purchase at Heraeus. Call your contact or send a mail. Like this you are directly at the right place and your request can be processed quickly.

You have no delivery documents on hand?

No problem, just turn to the contact person of the particular product group. Standadized return-forms for some of our product groups can be found below.

Products and Solutions for the Electronics and Automotive Industry
Bonding Wires, Adhesives, Solder Materials, Sintered Materials, Thick Film Materials, Metal Substrates, Metal Ceramic Substrates and Material Systems.
The contacts for other products in this area can be found in the product overview.

Electrical Contacts

Platinum Labware Crucibles & Dishes

Glass Components

Irradiation Sources

Product overview for all other Products and Solutions

You want to provide Refining Material for Recycling?

Logistical Services for the Transportation and Delivery of Refining Material

We are delighted that you have chosen us as a recycling partner. Your refining material is in good hands with us. Our logistics team will help you to take the necessary steps for the transport of refining material. You will find detailed information on our website in the category Logistics and Waste Management.

You want to provide material / fine metals for production?

The delivery and provision of fine metals is carried out according to the above steps. Please turn to the contact person of your production order. You will find this contact information on the order confirmation.

For deliveries to Hanau, Germany, you can use the delivery batch template “Template RMA Label for Returns, Deliveries, Fine Metal Provision” in the download list. For other locations you will receive the corresponding information from your contact.